Monday, September 20, 2010

Progression of Life

We got the dates and orders for my husbands Air Force retirement.  He will be medically retired at the end of October and will finally be able to join us in Montana permanently!  The end of this month the mobile home we will be staying in will be available, then I fly out  the next week for the retirement ceremony and to make the cross country drive with the hubby.  I will certainly be glad that we are going to be a family again soon, its been a long separation.  Things will be busy for a bit. 

I can't believe that I already need to be thinking about halloween costumes!  I think that the kids are going to be Narnia characters including the white witch, reepicheep and prince caspian.  So somewhere in the midst of craziness I need to make the costumes.  I am looking forward to Halloween though!  And what should I be for halloween? Well there is still time to decide.

Then onto Christmas, I am determined not to wait until the last minute to sew Christmas presents this year!  It is going to be such a wonderful Christmas because we are finally home.  I have so many ideas and wishes for Christmas, the question is how to find time for it all.  I am thinking that I am going to make several lap quilts to sell so I can afford some presents this year so anyone interested let me know now so I can get started.

Have a great Monday!

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