Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well I know this is mostly a sewing blog but I figure everyone could use an update on life and such.  The kids and I are now in MT, they start school in 2 days.  Wow that is crazy!  We have been apart from my husband for almost 2 months now and its really taking a toll on us.  He is currently going through more hearings for the medical retirement for the air force.  We are looking at mid Oct. before he can join us.  Our house is under contract, so that is a plus and we have a place to live lined up. I am thrilled to be with family and back in MT.  I love looking at the beautiful sunsets out the back porch.  I finally was able to do a little sewing, just a crayon roll, but at least it was something.  We have lots to keep us busy, 3 ducklings we have raised from itty bitty babies, a kitten, 3 bum calves and of course our doggies.  I am looking forward to having an end to the Chaos in our lives and at least being back together again. I hope once things settle down and we get moved in and kids are in school I can start sewing and fabric designing again.  Well enough for the moment.


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