Sunday, October 24, 2010

Retirement and Moving: A Long Process

My husbands medical retirement is final! Yay! It was a beautiful ceremony and we had a fun dinner with friends after the ceremony.  I flew out to Dover to attend the ceremony and load the rest of our items and make the long drive back to Montana.  I am so glad I don't have to do that drive again, it was long and exhausting.

We are in the process of moving out of my parents and into our own little "home" just down the road.  2 bedrooms for the 5 of us, but its just temporary and its affordable.  I am sitting amidst mass amounts of boxes and stuff, wondering where I will ever put it all.  For the time being I am going to keep my sewing studio at my parents, although not ideal it gives me plenty of space for my sewing and projects.  I wanted to hug all my fabric when it came out of the trailer, I have missed it;-)

I am not sure that I will be adding items to my etsy shop any time soon, but I am still certainly available for anything you need, just send me an email coveredbydesign at insert the @ in place of the words.  I just don't like spammers being able to locate emails so easily:-)

I have lots I want to do for Christmas projects!  Lots of decorating and gifts.  Now to find the time to do all of it.  I also need to find time to hunt and fill the freezer with Venison.  We have been out for a while now and I miss it!

On another note I bought a new horse.  She is a 20 yr old purebred arabian mare, Nites Amore (Mora).  She is a great horse and will be fun for the kids and I, plus she is a great companion to Gopher, he missed having another horse and was thrilled when I unloaded her off the trailer!

I would post some pics of all the events but my camera isn't here and I can't yet find the pics of the ceremony;-(  So I  will have to make a post with pics later on!

Thank you readers for hanging with me though all this chaos in my life!

ETA: Found some pics of our new horse.