Monday, June 23, 2014

A brave post about the Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern

I have been eyeing this pattern for a while and finally bit the bullet and purchased it.  I purchased some clearance swimsuit fabric at JA's to try it out with.
I chose to make the size 18 with the deep v neck and halter ties.  With any pdf pattern it takes a bit to get everything printed, cut aligned and ready for the fabric.  I decided not to make any adjustments since it was designed for a 5'6" lady which is my height.  Even though I find a lot of suits to be too short in length.
I got everything cut out yesterday evening and started sewing, and worked late into the night. And by late I mean early...2 am....  Which I shouldn't do because I get tired and make mistakes, like sewing the back bodice pieces inside out...both of them....yep my poor seam ripper got a work out.  But I was determined to finish it today.  I have seen plenty of posts about how fast this comes together, but I don't think this is a just whip it up project.....It took me 5 hours to finish it up today, and I don't know how long I worked last night.  I really really wanted to love the pattern on me.  But I found even with the sew along on The Closet Case Files Blog and the directions for some things were still confusing.  She uses view A for the sew a long and some of the directions are different for view B. I guess I would have like to see more pics of putting the view B together. I somewhere missed when to gather the front bodice, but got it figure out in the end.  Then I thought the front skirt didn't come together nicely after doing the elastic in the legs.  Maybe I missed something but I almost think it should have had the elastic added and folded over before being added and sandwiched together with everything else.  Maybe that wouldn't work either.  I got it finished up and all that was left was the trying on.  I really don't care to model things this skimpy but I want other women in my size to see what it looks like, so please be kind.  Over all I thought the fit was ok.  I think I could have done the elastic in the leg openings a little smaller as I felt it was a little loose.  I was nervous about the back ruching, but I found it to be flattering.  I do however have issues with the upper back, yep you will see in the pictures what I mean.  It just comes to just the wrong location on me, maybe shortening the bodice would help, I don't know, but I don't really care for how it fits there.  I will probably wear it I just wish the back fit a little differently.  Overall I think it is a good pattern, just not for my body type.  But don't expect a quick sew, there are lots of pieces and lots of gathering and fiddly parts.