Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mice are invading!

Well our house is coming together finally and we have started moving stuff in and getting organized.  But last night we ended up with a mouse in the house. Arghhh.  So I am not moving any more fabric in until the problem is gone.  Mice just love fabric and making a mess of it!  I so do not love mice right now.  I am very anxious to get sewing.  I have lots of new curtain projects for the house as well as lots of other projects that I just want to do.  I think once we get the mouse problem taken care of I will be in a lot better shape.  Anyone have good suggestions for dealing with mice.  We live in a mobile home (well actually 2 that are joined together)?  We have sealed every place we could possible think of.  I am headed to town for more mouse traps this morning, time I could be spending getting ready to move the sewing area in.  Damn mice anyhow!  We even have 2 cats who are good mousers, but they aren't used to hunting in the house. Our cat Velcro saw the mouse that we saw but lost it when it ran around the corner out of the bathroom. He stalked around the house for quite a while with no luck.  Clorox is also going to be my best friend.  We really don't need hauntavirus. Ok well I really will come back to sewing and blogging, I promise!