Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am featured on Guide to Art Schools 50 Best Sewing Blogs

Wow!  Really I could believe it when I opened up my email this morning.  I am featured on Guide to Art Schools 50 Best Sewing Blogs.  Just amazing and exciting, really its fabulous and made my day.  Thank you for sharing my blog in your 50 best sewing blogs.  It is wonderful to know that little ole me can make a difference and that I inspired other readers.  I know its been ages since I have posted, it has been totally crazy around here.  I keep thinking I will get set up for sewing again, but other things have taken priority.  Like unpacking boxes, hunting for meat so we have something to feed the family and dealing with all the paperwork and chaos that goes along with a medical retirement from the Air Force for my husband.  I have seen so many things recently that I am dying to make but am not sure when I will find the time.  My fabulous mom has let me set up a sewing room in her house since I don't have room, but alas its not "set up".  Its just boxes and fabric strewn about.  I even need to make curtains for the house but haven't found a moment for that either.  I just keep telling myself that it will get easier and less chaotic, but really life is chaos and I just need to get a better grip and hang on for the ride.  Maybe I need to take a lesson from a bull rider on getting a better "grip" lol.  I hope that I can still maintain some of my readers though this transitional time for me.  I promise I will be back up and running just as soon as I can.  Thanks again to Guide to Art Schools for choosing my blog and a big thanks to Sewing Mamas for the inspiration to become what I have today!