Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sis Boom Jenny * Take 1

Wow, has it really been a year since I have blogged!  Yikes!  Well I better be working on changing that.

I am going on a trip to Mexico, and want a dressy dress to wear for dinner.  So I decided to make a dress.  Not sure if this was a brilliant idea or not.  Life is crazy, but then when isn't it?  I have been wanting to try the Sis Boom Jenny pattern for a while now, and I figured I better get after it.  I picked out some cheap fabric out of my stash, that I have had forever just to see how it goes together.  I prefer not to do a muslin, and to do a complete dress in a cheap fabric.  Muslin's can give a better idea about fit but I like to see exactly what its going to look like before cutting into expensive fabric.

It was an all day project, lol.  Seems like any new pattern is, at least the first time I work it up.  Plus I did full length so all that added fabric takes time.  I love Sis Boom patterns because they are so detailed, I know exactly what to do.  The fabric wasn't very cooperative for the zipper section though.  It is a polyester, and didn't press well, and I couldn't find any glue.....yes house full of kids and no glue stick.. But I got it done, and it wasn't too bad, plus it's under the arm so it doesn't stick out if you don't have it perfect.

By measurements, I did a 2x, which turned out to be very big....  But overall I like how the dress looks.  So now I need to print out and get the next size smaller pattern ready.  I also decided I am not going to do the modest neckline....if you've got it flaunt it, lol!  With a little modification this dress is totally wearable and pretty, so I am happy.  I will do one more full dress before cutting into my expensive fabric though!