Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birthday Sis Boom Meghan Dress

Ever since I made the Sis Boom Jenny dress for myself out of that gorgeous butterfly charmeuse, my daughter has been begging for a dress of her own.  But I had to take a break from the fabric before I could attempt making anything out of it again.  Those little studs and sparkles are quite a pita.  I decided I wanted a pattern that was easy, and not fitted or zippered as I had limited time to finish the dress. The Sis Boom Meghan was my top choice, I have a lot of patterns I could have used but seriously I can't beat the directions or the way the clothing turns out using Sis Boom patterns, they are my go to pattern.  So ever so secretly I started working on it.  At one point my daughter infiltrated the sewing area, demanding to know what it was I was working on, well I managed to make her think I was sewing a shirt for myself....she was so bummed ;)  I gave it to her for her 12th birthday, she was so excited!  The fit was great too.  I think I will be making more of these for her, maybe some shirts too.  I need to make some for myself as well, but as spring finally starts to show around here I have a million projects outside that need tackled as well.