Saturday, November 21, 2015

New from Spoonflower and Sprout Patterns!

There is now a great place to get custom fabric printed on certain patterns from indie pattern designers. All new cut and sew! . You can choose the pattern you want, there are women's, kids and some accessories right now, but I can see this growing to be a huge thing!  So you can go to the Sprout patterns page, choose a pattern and then you can search Spoonflower fabrics you would like for your pattern.  Obviously I would love if you searched for my store Covered By Design, but there are tons of great designers out there.  The pattern will be printed with your design and when you receive it you cut and sew it together!  I am going to post some screen shots of items in some of my fabric designs to give you an idea what its all about and inspire you.  Not a seamstress?  If you look in your area, there are generally reasonably priced seamstress's that would be willing to help you out. Spoonflower has great quality of fabrics and is a great company and imagine Sprout Patterns will take off as well!  You certainly don't have to use the fabric designs I suggested here either. I will continue to post new suggestions on this blog post. Need help deciding, shoot me and email!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fat Quarter Gift Bag Tutorial

Hi everyone!  I have been hard at work with some designing for a spoonflower contest for cut and sew gift bags.  I am doing a tutorial to add to that and including dimensions if you don't want to use the cut and sew fabric from spoonflower. This tutorial is for a gift bag made from a fat quarter of wider fabric but will work for others as well, your final dimensions will just be different. The hippos on my cut and sew project are smaller than the ones available in my store, so yours will look a bit different but all the instructions remain the same. You can also use this same idea for any size of bag :)  I especially love these bags for wrapping clothing, or odd shaped items.

My cut and sew fabric is available in my store here.

Final Dimensions are 11x16" with about 11x13" of usable space below the tie.

  • Thread (matching or coordinating)
  • "Cut and sew" FQ from spoonflower 
  • or if you are using your own fabric you need 1 FQ of fabric, you will cut a 2x18" strip from one edge for your tie or you can use .5" extra wide double fold bias tap or ribbon instead of cutting the strip.
  • Needle appropriate for your fabric
  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • pinking shears (only necessary if you want to trim the seams to help with fraying)
Instructions. If you have any questions please email me at coveredbydesign at or post on my facebook page, Covered By Design.

Cut out your fabric.  If you are using a cut and sew fabric from my spoonflower shop just cut out on the lines.  If you are using your own fabric and not using the pre-made bias tape you need to cut a 2" strip from the left or right side of the fabric, it should be 18 inches in length. You can also use any smaller width of ribbon, and you don't need to fold and stitch the ribbon, Get creative, its not rocket science here :)

Start with the tie. If you are using pre-made bias tape skip to step 5.

1. Fold the tie wrong sides together on the shorter ends and press.

 2. Unfold and then fold the raw edges in to meet the crease you just made,wrong sides still together, and then press.
3. With fabric still folded in toward the center crease, fold in half again and press well.

4. Using pinking shears on the ends of the tie to keep it from fraying or fold to the inside 1/4 " on each end. I am leaving mine with just the pinking, but folded it to show you that option as well.

5. Using a zigzag or decorative stitch, stitch the entire length of the tie close to the open edge.  You can also use a straight stitch and stitch down both edges.                                       

6. Set the tie aside.

Making the Bag
1. With the right side facing up bring the left edge over to the right edge of the fabric. This will give you a fold on the left side with the top, right and bottom open, and your fabric will be inside out. Make sure if you have directional fabric that you don't have it upside down.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2. Even up all the edges and pin or use clips to keep them together. 

3. Find the center of your tie and fold it in half.                   
4. Sandwich and pin the folded tie between the fabrics so that the folded center is even with the right edge of the fabric 3" down from the top right. Make sure your loose tie ends stay out of the seams.

5. Starting at the top right corner stitch down to the bottom right corner and then over to the bottom left corner using your favorite seam allowance. I use a 1/4" but feel free to use up to 1/2". **Make sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end and to go slowly over the tie as it will be thick.  If you can back-stitch over the tie as well. 6. If you used a straight stitch on the seam you can help keep fraying down by trimming the edges with pinking shears but this is not necessary.

7. Turn the bag right side out.

8. Hem the top of the bag. I usually fold the top over 1/4" press then fold again 1/4" and press again. Then I stitch with a zigzag, decorative, straight or double needle stitch. 


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Meet Melody! A new bag pattern from Cloudsplitter Bags.

Each time I test a pattern for Sydney at Cloudsplitter Bags I find a new favorite pattern. The Melody bag is no different.  I have had the Waverly "Ribbit" fabric in my stash for about 8 years now.  And I just knew it would make a great bag!  I used a red corduroy to give it a pop of color.  As always the pattern is well written, and even though I would say it is a more intermediate pattern if you go slow and read the directions carefully just about anyone could make this pattern. The 2 zipper compartments on the front are my favorite feature.  A great place to stash my phone and keys.  There is also an inside pocket.  The gusset and strap details make the bag unique and there are so many ways you could mix and match fabrics. You have the option of a longer adjustable cross body strap if you prefer too.  The bag is just the right size for my normal every day use.  I can't wait to show my Ribbit Melody off!  If you are looking for great bag patterns that turn out every time, then Cloudsplitter Bags is where you should go. Melody will have a sale price of 4.50 through the 12th. Without further adieu, here is Melody!

Friday, July 31, 2015

I am in LOVE! The Itsi Bag

I am completely head over heals in love with the Itsi Bag pattern by Cloudsplitter Bags. I love Cloudsplitter Bags anyway, but this is a fun fast little purse to whip up!  I was trying to find a way to use some of my fabric swatches from my fabric designs on spoonflower and this was just the ticket.  The swatches work well for everything except the zipper pocket lining which I used a piece of kona cotton in a solid color.

This is also my 2nd blog post in one day!  That never happens, lol.

Back to the bag, it has a zippered top, zipper pocket and slip pocket.  A key hook on the outside to keep them handy and a strap that can easily go over your neck for a secure purse! What more could a girl want!  You better run get this pattern now!!!

 Here are all the links to Cloudsplitter Bags :)

Official Facebook Page: Cloudsplitter Bags
Etsy Shop:
Craftsy Shop:


Edited to Add: I made another bag for my daughter, she chose the fabrics!