Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stash Game Cleanup and Preparation

I have decided to participate in the sewing mamas stash game again this round.  I learned a lot from the last game and hope to do much better this time.  Today I took the time to clean my sewing area, it had been taken over by papers, patterns, toys (its in my kids play area) and fabric.  Whew, it is so much nicer I feel like I can actually get something done.  So I am working right now on tracing patterns.  Something I learned that eats up valuable sewing time during the game, I WILL be prepared this time.  Todays tracing was the Jalie Pullover Top 2911 in both mine and Hannah's sizes. I might get time for more but as I type the kids are off the bus and bound to need things.  I have several more Jalies I want to get traced and then its on to making a list of what I want to make.  I am very hopeful that a move will be in the near future and if so I need to destash quite a bit!  The game is on on Feb 1st!

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