Sunday, August 15, 2010

Couch to 5k a bust....and back to Sewing

Well I tried, but I don't feel like I am making progress.  I think maybe a couch to just exercise is more my speed, which I have been doing, but the running isn't happening.  I thought maybe doing it with all my great sewing mamas would be inspiration but I have been so busy I haven't had much of a chance to follow anyone else's progress.  I do feel like I have been able to get out and get moving more so it isn't a total bust.  Best of luck to all you other mamas!

On another note, I am trying to get set up to do some of the farmers markets with my sewing.  I am excited to get sewing again and really look forward to trying out the farmers market.  The kids start school next week and then maybe I will have some time to get some things up and posted. 

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with my blog during my down time.  I promise I will be back soon!

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