Monday, May 16, 2016

Cloudsplitter Designs Valley Tote Pattern Release

I have yet again had the wonderful opportunity to test for Sydney.  I just can't say enough good things about her patterns.  She treats her testers wonderfully and is great to work with.  The pattern itself is a fantastic tote design.  It it has 2 sizes and like all of her patterns has a ton of room for artistic fabric usage.  For this particular bag I made the size large.  It would be for my mom for Mother's Day in an Owl fabric that was just perfect for her and a lightweight purple leather.  This pattern is one I think just about anyone could make as long as you are good at reading and following directions.  For anyone who has trouble, Sydney is great to help out, along with her other pattern lovers on her FB group.  This bag has an outer zipper pocket, inner slip pocket and inner zipper pocket.  The large is quite a handy size for when you need to bring a little of everything.  The straps are a perfect length! She gives plenty of fabric and interfacing suggestions as well.  Download this Valley Tote PDF bag pattern today and whip up a new bag for yourself or a friend!  You can find Sydney's patterns on Etsy, Craftsy or Cloudsplitter Bags . Now for the eye candy :)


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