Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy sewing day.

I have had quite a busy day. First off was to finish the self drafted undies I have been working on and I think they turned out great. Then I decided to make a ring sling for my sister, and just got the rings in the mail today. I ended up finding some pink fabric in my stash and used a purple thread. Its so pretty. Anyhow I hope she likes it. I have been trying to get my scraps sorted and finally got that done. Getting rid of any that really were useless, lol. I tend to hoard everything. I have a few more projects that need done, a diaper for a friend, a purse for another friend. Then maybe it will be back to some more sewing for me. I found a great tutorial on a zipper fly today and am hoping to give a pair of shorts a try for me using it. But my time is short. I will be starting a dressmaking and graphic design course so it could get interesting around here. I wish things would pick up and I would actually sell some things. Its kind of depressing lately, but that what most wahm's are dealing with as well. I was very disappointed that the cpsia has decided on no component testing, although fabric is exempt, pretty much everything you would use with it is not. How we are expected to afford to test the finished product is beyond me. Not that I am against protecting the children, its just that we are totally screwing small/micro business's by not have an organized plan for the cpsia. When everything passed it was aimed at big companies and keeping them in check they kinda forgot about everyone else. But HELLO it does affect us. I have some great designs running through my head for children's items, but there is no way I could stay afloat right now and afford testing. I guess patterns may be in higher demand for parents to make their own custom items for their children, or we'll just give the chinese more business. They can afford the testing, they'll just quit paying there child laborers. Ok stepping off the soap box now.......

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