Friday, August 7, 2009

A Pattern Adventure

Yesterday I finally completed my first pattern. I have worked hard all week to make my pleated mixer cover pattern just perfect. Changing my mind many times on ways to make the pattern easier. Finding programs that did what I needed and were free were quite a challenge though. I tried many unsuccessfully. I am very excited with how it turned out! I sent the pattern to 4 super nice mamas that are testing the pattern for me before I officially put it on the market. I have moments of panic where I feel that maybe it has been a waste of time and that nobody will want this pattern, but I have to remind myself that only time will tell. I have lots of other projects I need to get busy on, undies and a mei tai, but I am already looking forward to designing my next pattern. I found that power point was the way to go for designing the pattern. It has simple enough cad features pared with creation of photos and text that worked great. Then I used pdfill to convert the powerpoint presentation to PDF form and merge pages. You can download the tools for free and it worked great. Eventually I would love to have the program garment designer to do some fun clothing editing. For now I am just anxious to see how the pattern adventure plays out, or maybe pays out:)

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